Couple Agrees to Foster a Homeless Kitten for 2 Days But the Kitty Has a Different Plan

Sthéfanie from Brazil was alerted by her dog when she heard barking coming from the backyard. As she got closer to the fence, she saw a little kitten soaking wet from the rain, shaking like a leaf.

She grabbed the kitten and walked door to door to see if she belonged to someone, but no one claimed her.

Supplied by Júlia Braule

When her friend, Júlia Braule, heard about the kitten’s plight, she offered to help. After picking up the kitten, named Luna, she headed back home, knowing that she would have to convince a member of her family to keep the cat.

Since the kitten was already there, Júlia’s mother reluctantly agreed and gave her daughter two days to find the kitty a new home.

Supplied by Júlia Braule

“The moment Luna arrived, she was purring and exploring the whole house. My dog (Cookie) was scared of her at the beginning, and my mother wasn’t happy about it. However, that changed in no time.”

While Júlia was searching for a home for Luna, the little tabby girl had a plan of her own.

Supplied by Júlia Braule

The next morning Júlia’s mother woke up to the sweetest kisses and purrs from the kitten. For the rest of the day, Luna decided to follow her around the house, play with her, nap on her chest and watch her cook in the kitchen.

“My mother fell in love with Luna so fast and deeply that even I was shocked! By the second day I could feel that she really liked her, and she even started saying that we had five members in our family (me, mother, father, dog and cat),” Júlia told Love Meow.

“So you can say that I did find her a home in two days!”

Supplied by Júlia Braule

Their dog, Cookie, also accepted his new feline sister, and the two became bonded friends.

“Luna was immediately drawn to him, always wanting to play with his tail or fur but Cookie ran from her at first!”

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