Science Says Tall Husbands And Short Wives Have Better Marriages

A 2017 study of nearly 8,000 Indonesian participants revealed a correlation between the husband’s height and the wife’s perceived happiness. The study showed that the greater the height difference between husband and wife, the happier the wife will be. This seemed to be the case up to 18 years of marriage and then anything after that there was a clear, significant drop off.

The study showed that height and the wife’s happiness had a correlation but it might not be strictly due to inches.

Other contributing factors such as income, self-esteem or confidence all played a key role in happiness.

The study showed that taller people might have greater earning potential thus resulting in happier spouses. The study said that taller men may appear more trustworthy and capable and thus are considered first for promotions and pay raises.

But the study also found that ‘the husband’s resourcefulness’ was only a ‘minor factor’ in the effect of height difference in the happiness of their wives.

Secondly, the study showed that taller men may be perceived as more attractive than shorter men and therefore experience greater life satisfaction.

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