Top 12 Markets in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is full of vibrant street markets where you can experience a dose of local life while picking up fashionable clothing items, electronics, jewelry, toys and a whole lot more for a bargain price. Even if you’re not interested in haggling for goods, the markets offer an exciting opportunity to browse the city’s exciting labyrinth of side streets and alleys and sample local delicacies from street vendors. From a ladies market to a street lined with goldfish, here are the best markets in Hong Kong.

Temple Street Market

The largest night market in Hong Kong, Temple Street Market sells mostly gadgets and small electronic items. Spread over a mile, you can browse this market to soak up the lively atmosphere and shop for souvenirs, then observe fortune tellers and locals cranking out tunes at Cantonese karaoke bars. This market is a must when visiting Hong Kong, as you can sample local delicacies from local vendors, pick up “I heart HK” t-shirts and watch Cantonese opera performances at nearby Tin Hau Temple.

Fa Yuen Street Market & Sneakers Street

A great place to find a bargain, Fa Yuen Street Market and Sneakers Street is an ideal place to pick up casual wear for men, children and women. Head further north for this market to explore a bustling street full of locals, where fashion items, watches, shoes, bags and accessories are on display. Sneakers Street boasts a line-up of sports shops, where you can grab a pair of Nike, Adidas or Reeboks at a fraction of the cost.

Cat Street Market

Located on Lascar Row in Sheung Wan, Cat Street Market is known for its unique collection of antiques. You’ll find a quirky collection of souvenirs, from Mao statues and terracotta figurines to kitsch posters from the Cultural Revolution and Hong Kong movie posters. You never really know what you’ll find in the stalls that line this market, which is part of the adventure. While it is full of antique-looking items, those looking for authentic Chinese antiques should head to nearby Hollywood Road.

Ladies Market

Ladies Market isn’t just for women, boasting something for everyone with its bargain-priced items that include beauty products, knick-knacks and men’s and women’s clothing. Probably the most famous street market in all of Hong Kong, it’s a great place for first-timer’s to get acquainted with the bustle of a Chinese market. After browsing the collection of t-shirts, toys, electronics and accessories, pick up street food snacks like curry fish balls, dumplings and meat skewers.

Apliu Market

If you’re in the market for cheap, second-hand or new electronics, there is no better place to go in Hong Kong than the Apliu Market. Located just north of Temple Street Market in Kowloon, this local market is lined with shops selling cheap phones, TVs, computers, tablets, radios, stereos and electrical household items. It’s not just gadgets sold here, as you’ll also find watches, clothing and coins on sale.

Flower Market

Beautifully showcased in an array of colors and varieties, the Flower Market is by far the most picturesque and fragrant markets you’ll find in Hong Kong. Here you can pick up flowers and potted plants of every kind from the row of stalls, from carnations and roses to sunflowers and bonsai trees. If you need help with your gardening skills, there is also seeds, fertilizers and gardening supplies. You can also pick up orchids, a common gift in Hong Kong.

Goldfish Market

While it may seem like the Goldfish Market is the most unique market in the world, fish play an important role in Chinese culture and is a symbol of prosperity. Head to Tung Choi Street if you’re looking to stock up your aquarium or just want to admire the colorful varieties of fish on display. It’s like a street front pet store, where you’ll not only see fish but lizards, snakes and other exotic creatures.

Jade Market

As the name suggests, Jade Market is an open-air marketplace where you can pick a variety of jade products, from figurines to jewelry. Jade represents good luck and prosperity in the Chinese culture and many people wear them to ward off bad luck. You’ll find plenty of places to browse for necklaces, bracelets, pendants and rings made from the green stone, as there are around 450 stalls selling them in all types of sizes and shapes.

Tai Yuen Street Market (Toy Market)

A perfect day trip if you want to pick up presents for the kids, head to Tai Yuen Street Market, also known as Toy Market. Here you’ll find a packed street market filled with tiny shops selling everything from Barbie dolls to board games and LEGO bricks. After you’ve picked up puzzles and Toy Story figurines, you can also browse its collection of stalls selling clothes and souvenirs or visit the factory outlet stores on Spring Garden Lane that runs parallel.

Dried Seafood Market

A stretch of Des Voeux Road West is home to the Dried Food Market, where you’ll find a collection of traditional stores selling dried seafood. Browse the area to see the wide variety of popular ingredients that are often found in Chinese cuisine, from dried abalone to scallops, sea shrimp and fins. In addition to the dried seafood, you will also see dried medicinal materials and cured meats, with bamboo baskets full of items drying out and giving off a unique aroma.

Yuen Po Street Bird Market

Kids will delight at the sight of the Yuen Po Street Bird Market, where you can stroll the short alleyway to discover pet shops specializing in birds. Nestled in a Chinese design courtyard, you’ll hear the birds singing as you admire the Chinese-style stalls and elderly men bringing their birds out for some fresh air. Locals come here to pick up food and accessories, but it’s also a great spot for people watching.

Stanley Market

Showcasing an array of Oriental knick-knacks, branded clothing, home furnishings and jewelry at a bargain price, the Stanley Market is a favorite with visitors. Geared towards those looking for souvenirs, you can enjoy the heritage charms of the quaint fishing village on the southern coast after you’ve picked up paintings, ornamental chopsticks, fans and fridge magnets. It’s also a great place to pick up “I Love HK” souvenirs for your friends and family back home.


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